8 things you can do if visit to Dubai

8 things you can do if visit to Dubai

Welcome to Dubai

Dubai is a special place that has the impression of luxury, supported by super exclusive facilities and fantastic value. Many people want to go there, and also many who have been there and want to feel the atmosphere of Dubai again.

Indeed, Dubai is very suitable for tourist and business destinations. We try to assess and refer for you, these are 8 things you can do if you visit Dubai. If you want to Know Hotel List in Dubai Click Here

8 things you can do if visit to Dubai

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burj al arab in dubai luxury class hotel in the worlds, hotel discount, hotel deal, business

Dubai Mall, Dubai – Uni Arab Emirate

First, if you have arrived in Dubai and started to smell the atmosphere of Dubai. The thing you can do is SHOPPING. It also does not have to actually shop right away. I mean when you are in Dubai, you only need to enter one of the business centers such as the Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates. There you will find architecture, a water source, an aquarium complete with ski slope sharks, an ice skating rink, and every other shop, which you might not have imagined before. Dubai is truly the most amazing city in the world today.

burj khalifa in dubai closing view - business trip, holiday vacation, Dubai travel experience
burj khalifa in dubai closing view

Burj Khalifa, Dubai – Uni Arab Emirate

Next, let’s look at the phenomenal in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa. Why is Phenomenal? Because, this is the tallest building in the world today. With a height of 828 M, Burj Khalifa is now home to 30,000 residents, 9 hotels, including the Armani Hotel, the first hotel designed by Giorgio Armani, the fashion legend from Italy. You can reach the top, with 160 floors which is a combination of hotels and luxury apartments from floors 19 – 108. This extraordinary Burj Khalifa was built by Sheikh Mohammad bin Al Rashid Al Maktoum. The Dubai Mall that we told you about was also there that has an area of ​​50 x the soccer field Cool isn’t it.

Al Farooq Mosque, Dubai – Uni Arab Emirate

Al Farooq Mosque reflects the tolerance of Islamic and Non-Islamic societies where each fasting season they can eat together when breaking the fast with a favorite special food, there namely Harees. This mosque is beautiful and very beautiful. This is one of many mosques in Dubai that you need to see and visit. Because that place is exciting. The size of the mosque that looks smaller when compared to the grand mosques in Saudi and Turkey. However, you can feel the calm atmosphere here. If there is a anxiety, come to the mosque, study like people who pray there, it will make your heart feel calm and better, really — very beautiful. You will really miss this atmosphere when you are outside Dubai.

Dubai Mosque, white mosque
Dubai Mosque, white mosque

Peacocks around the Royal Palace, Dubai – Uni Arab Emirate

If you want to see peacocks, follow the tour guide and go to the entrance of the Royal Palace of Sheikh Mohammad bin Al Rashid Al Maktoum. This is very simple that you can do and is also fun and free in Dubai.

Safari Desert, Dubai – Uni Arab Emirate

We continue, Dubai is synonymous with the desert. So hot, and moist, you can also feel here. But, here is better than I imagined. Now I think the best thing to do in Dubai is Explored the Desert Safari like this which includes a sand party — where I’m fed up with fear and cars Riding a camel — this is where I almost fell in love with this camel, And then it all ended in a dinner camp with hookah, chicken, delicious food, shows, and dances.

desert camel on dubai, Safari desert dubai, business trip, holiday vacation, Dubai travel experience
desert camel on dubai, Safari desert dubai, holiday vacation, Dubai travel experience

Jumeirah, Dubai – Uni Arab Emirate

Jumeirah is an area that stretches on the beach. There is a famous mosque there had called Jumeirah Mosque and Jumeirah City / Madinat Jumeirah Complex, a Dubai architectural style shopping mall. The exclusive and most luxurious area on the seashore and arguably the current occupants are western expatriates who work in Dubai. Thus, this area is becoming quite expensive beach housing in Dubai. This area also has a luxury hotel called the Burj Al Arab hotel. It was like a fortress, an old fortress of the Dubai History Museum This is how they lived in Dubai in the 1800s. So if you want to learn more about Dubai, see the architectural style in Dubai, this area is what you should visit.

Dubai Skiing, Dubai – Uni Arab Emirate

Dubai Skiing is the first indoor ski slope build in the Middle East, and is truly a winter park suitable for the whole family. Although I prefer shopping at malls rather than skiing, we also recommend the experience at Ski Dubai. It will be an interesting story when you tell your friends go to the Desert Area which has a beach but you can ski here. Wow that could be an amazing story and adventure. You need to try to enjoy while in Dubai. If you don’t try it now, is there Any time again? right ?!

Dubai at night shot view beutifully dubai UAE UEA
Dubai at night shot view beutifully Dubai UAE

Gold Souk, Dubai – Uni Arab Emirate

The most important place to buy in Dubai is Gold Souk — Dubai. Where there are many who sell gold weighing 22 K and 24 K, you can find it here very easily and very much. So, the price of gold jewelry in Dubai involves factors such as weight, authenticity, and the price of gold commodities at that time. Don’t miss out on exchange rates and the next bargaining process. But if you don’t go to Gold Souk Dubai to buy gold, you will still have a lot of cultural experience, and the opportunity to capture the moment with extraordinary photos, really crazy.

Sheikh Zayed road on Dubai Vacation, business trip, holiday vacation, Dubai travel experience, best deal hotel
Sheikh Zayed road business trip 

Well, 8 things you can do in Dubai in this article is enough. You can Visit Dubai with many attraction beside our suggestion above. Dubai still growth with incredible change that we can expect before. Next time maybe we Can share again about some reference place like : Dubai theme park, Deira Islands, Aladdin City, Museum of the Future and etc. You can Share or save this article if you feel it’s usefull for you. dubai holidays 2020 

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